Saturday, March 05, 2011

on my way

right so inspired by these beautiful and gorgeous lady in hijab. They are nurulcakapcakap+jezmine zaidan+shea rasol n much much im looking 4ward to make my own look book..i know that each and everyone of us have their own taste in do i.eventhough i cant afford to buy charles&keith heels or even gucci miniature perfume or even a tote bag from coach i believe that i still can look simple and stylish at d same time.sometimes i know that i made a fashion donts! sometimes i feel lazy to dressed up! but i cant get rid the fashion sense inside me * sense la sgt*.may be when i work somedays i will get n grab the opportunity to have my own boutique and by that time i want to take the oportunity to dressed up and be stylish! i want to know what it feels like to wear branded clothes+shoes+handbags+scarfs!! i want to get 'em with my own effort +with my own salary!! and it will be worth it..since im still a student,i wear what i afford to pay!!i want to have my own MARY KAY facial sets+the lovely MAC makeups and lots more.I dont care what people say as long as i remained my self and what im doing isnt wrong! who cares babe!!! :)  inspired to be me in my own skin!! and also im on my way to buy myself a skirt from old blossom box.a pixie novelty skirt.i want to wear it for my dinner! here what's on my mind for this 25/3 dinner.if u have any suggestions or pleased to accept it.

my first looks:

hijab style like this for my first look.keep it simple

my second looks: the exact color is black.this color already sold out.

and as for makeup looks:

 so thats it.thanx raff for your lovely suggestion!really give me something to think about! c u on next entry


cikkaaranatasha said...

awat idea hang sama dengan aku?
aku nak skirt tu juga.
skirt kat OOB's tu suma cntikcntik kot.
bukan skirt jala..
semua kat kdai tu! :D

aien said...

waaaaahhhhhhh..tasha...tu nampaknya jodoh kita kuat!! HAHAHA..tapi sayang sekali..dress tu all sold im going 4 d first look!!

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