Sunday, March 27, 2011


hi ! semua..dah berdebu blog nih aku tinggalkan
suppose to be aku nk tulis something emosi aku tak izinkan plak. so u guys.jgn bca lah entry kali nih.i dah warning siap2.

mcm tajuk yg kat atas tu.yup "BIASA"..aku ni seorang perempuan yg teramat biasa.tak ada apa2 yg extraordinary pon pasal aku.but,lately..hidup aku dah tak mcm dulu..ada yg in a positive blooming side and another one negative bad side..kan best kalau aku boleh buat teknik pembahagi bayang mcm NARUTO tu..kalau boleh sebanyak mana yg aku boleh bahagi mmg aku NAK sgt2..

bayang aku yang first): fokus kat stadi je.
2)kat homework dgn assignment
3)kat database(yang ni kna satu2 dia ja fokus sbb database subject heavy!)haha..*oh indah gila wei!
4)pegi basuh baju
5)tidooo je sbb nk recharge yg lain2..HAHA
6)pk masalah..*haishh aku skrg dah tunggang -langgang bak kata org kampung aku upside down!tipsy turvy gituu..
7)pergi bercinta *Opppsss! hehe
8)pergi facial ngan sauna!! perghhh gila best!*kalau la dpt..
9)makannn jugak! sbb yg ni pon function dia nk recharge yg lain2.
10) pergi amek MUET! siot!! HAHA

tapi semua tu angan2 je laaa..tapi kalau laa dapat..aku nk sgt satu function nih..iaitu yang dapat jaga hati semua orang..huwwa!!! ni yg dah start tangkap leleh ni..
kebelakangan nih aku takut..takut sgt nk syg orang..bukan apa,macam2 kot yang aku pk.

1) dia serius ke?
2)kalau aku syg nnti, dia tinggal aku mcm mana?*sakit beb!
3)can i be his good partner?listen to him each and everytime he needs me?
4)can i be a tough shoulder when he needs me the most?
5)can i be his best buddy as well?

apart from apa yg aku pk kat atas..lately aku ada simptom2 nih
1)my heart skip a beat!
2)kalau msg masuk tu..berdebar2 tahap boleh senyum sorang2..*gila..haha
3)kalau dia sakit ,walaupun ayat aku bajet tak berapa nak i wish he can see my facial expression when i worry about him..
4)kalau dia tak reply msg rasa mcm nk call direct kot!
5)rasa bersalah kalau tak bls msg dia.* ada 2 keadaan yg aku tak bls msg 1)aku tido 2)kredit abes..tu je.

a brief talk:
1) sorry ,sy mmg tak pandai nk ayat2 nih!
2)nmpak mcm tak risau, but mmg risau tahap gempak terbaik punya lah
3)sy tak pandai sweet2 nih..sorry kalau terkurang sini-sana.
4)i am more to what i do and not to what i wrote.
5)at this time being i know that both of us still get to know about each other.and like what we have discussed earlier let time do its part! and im agree with that!

mcm yang aku ckp tadi..aku mmg susah hati lately..
1)MUET so stressed!
2)bnyk assignmnt+presentation.
4)laman web tak siap SUNDAY kna submit
5)exercise 5 database nak esok.huwa!
6) dah3..kalau aku list semua rasa mcm nk pitam plak aku aku kna organize masa aku balik..kalau boleh sem ni nk dapatkan result yg best..nk buat parents aku rasa BEST mcm sem lps!meleleh air mata aku tgok result..rasa berbaloi walaupun tak dekan.
7)skrg..i really need a shoulder to cry on..nak menangisssss..sbb susah hati..wuwuwu.

dats all for now..hope  u guys really appreciate time korang ,bila korang susah at least boleh ingat balik time2 senang dulu..tu je nk ckp.

p/s:get well soon to him.

Monday, March 07, 2011

flying and crashing

a short update.
i was flying back then but now i am crashing and sinking into the deepest place ever.
the situation already come clean.
it was my mistake that made this things happen actually.
so,promise to myself "look at yourself first b4 thinking of something that u impossibly cant reach!"
dreaming is not wrong but high expectation will tear you down to pieces!
so be moderate at all time and realize who you really are
before putting on higher expectation.

sometimes,people will say that you are gorgeous or may be cute or even beautiful.
but for other people they might think that you are clumsy,slobby or even buruk.
but all of that is the matter of taste.
so,dont feel bad about yourself.because whatever happens life must go on.
right now,i really dont want to look back!keep myself forward.back to where i belong.

thats all.

something to think about.till then..x.o.x.o

Sunday, March 06, 2011

anda malas?

Well,hello there.are u feeling sleepy+your body feels like want to lay in bed at all time+your eyes feel like want to close itself every minute..Dont have been attacked by a disease called MALAS!!HAHA.. can come and attend a seminar for this dangerous spreading disease to get the CURE.

so..dont waste your time..come and join it!! i cant go since there will be a movie to be exact HIKAYAT MERONG MAHAWANGSA coming in theater on that day..*ekceli malas!! who wants to come you can come and enjoy this seminar or CLINIC!!! gud luck..*org yg bapak malas cam aku ni pon malas nk pegi apatah lagi org yg mmg betol2 malas..dah malas tu malas jugak!!!hahaha

Saturday, March 05, 2011

on my way

right so inspired by these beautiful and gorgeous lady in hijab. They are nurulcakapcakap+jezmine zaidan+shea rasol n much much im looking 4ward to make my own look book..i know that each and everyone of us have their own taste in do i.eventhough i cant afford to buy charles&keith heels or even gucci miniature perfume or even a tote bag from coach i believe that i still can look simple and stylish at d same time.sometimes i know that i made a fashion donts! sometimes i feel lazy to dressed up! but i cant get rid the fashion sense inside me * sense la sgt*.may be when i work somedays i will get n grab the opportunity to have my own boutique and by that time i want to take the oportunity to dressed up and be stylish! i want to know what it feels like to wear branded clothes+shoes+handbags+scarfs!! i want to get 'em with my own effort +with my own salary!! and it will be worth it..since im still a student,i wear what i afford to pay!!i want to have my own MARY KAY facial sets+the lovely MAC makeups and lots more.I dont care what people say as long as i remained my self and what im doing isnt wrong! who cares babe!!! :)  inspired to be me in my own skin!! and also im on my way to buy myself a skirt from old blossom box.a pixie novelty skirt.i want to wear it for my dinner! here what's on my mind for this 25/3 dinner.if u have any suggestions or pleased to accept it.

my first looks:

hijab style like this for my first look.keep it simple

my second looks: the exact color is black.this color already sold out.

and as for makeup looks:

 so thats it.thanx raff for your lovely suggestion!really give me something to think about! c u on next entry

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

im doing just fine

Assalamualaikum w.b.k.t.h..Well,hello world!! im back for this entry.Just want to inform all of you that im doing just fine.

Who doesnt want to be loved?to be cared?Everybody must have their own definition on what love really is.Ada yang cakap cinta tu mcm kentut.Tak lepas sakit nk dibuang sayang..HAHA..sayang ke nak buang kentut??ok ok back tp d topic ok:)

Apa yang gambar kat atas nih cakap betul.Aku sebenarnya salah seorang daripada banyak2 manusia yang takut kena reject.Sebab tu la senyap je kalau suka.pastu sakit sorang2.A friend of mine told me last tuesday dat d person i liked already in a relationship n dat what a friend suppose to do.tell you the exact truth even it hurt a lot..n dia cakap lagi "sudah2 la..jgn nk berharap sgt!!"..waaa! sad sad sad!selamat tak konfes lagi.kalau tak malu je.dah la perempuan pulak.HAHA.skarang doin just fine.keadaan kat kerajaan hati dah tak kuat berkocak sini-sana.Alhamdulillah dah semakin tenang.

i think we are meant to be friends forever.but in future who knows??wahh..mcm letak harapan je lagi..dah2..syuhh2 g main jauh2..

hati saya dah sehat sekarang.selepas beberapa hari berhempas -pulas.Akhirnya dah okay.

walaupun hati saya pernah patah sebab kecewa dengan Awal Ashaari dah berkapel dgn SCHA al-yahya..tapi sebab saya ada kekawan yg best+sempoi+always there+family=aku boleh get back on track!!*tetiba ja guna saya nih apahal???HAHAHAHA..ok 2..dh nk g semayang JUMAAT oppss..semayang Maghrib dah lambat nih..Jaga diri dan jaga hati..bye!