Friday, August 14, 2009

hiduP nIe BkAn SeMaTa2 kERaNa CiNtA jE..

setelah berfikir2 panjang..baru aku terfikir yang hidup nie bukan semata2 kerana cinta je..i mean selain dari cinta ilahi,parents,kwn2,success,happiness n myself..d other cinta 2 kn dpt bawak aku ke mana2 pun..after almost 2 years mem'BUJANG'kn diri sendiri..i can feel prosperity n happiness surrounding me...yg penting bkan burger prosperity mcD not saying this bcoze of im heartbroken or else..but the this is the fact xtually..i always talk about life,love and people around me bcoze it is d nearest things in my life..people in my life:didi my roommte a.k.a best friends including funny yon n klaka RaFf(thanx coz insert my pic in your blog..even it is candid..feels like want to EAT u but i cant..haha),panda ting-ting,all my classmate espcially all the cute girls.. now..i donno what dey might think 'bout me..but what i think bout them is i LOVEEE u guys a lots..thanx 4 being with me at anytime whether im happy,sad,angry,upset,meRajuk..hehe..thanx 4 being patience with my highest temperature of angryness or happyness..sorry..broken grammar coz i got carried out with my feelings of how im being too grateful for such lovely friends i have..its like i want to embrace this moment with to guys..dat r too closed wif me in diz life..this is a TRIBUTE TO ALL OF YOU..coz i know it is just a waste of time if im not being grateful to you 4 being such a super duper nice and true friends n bcoze i donno how long dat i can still breathe on this earth..thanx you guys..till now..want to do c++..daa..