Monday, March 07, 2011

flying and crashing

a short update.
i was flying back then but now i am crashing and sinking into the deepest place ever.
the situation already come clean.
it was my mistake that made this things happen actually.
so,promise to myself "look at yourself first b4 thinking of something that u impossibly cant reach!"
dreaming is not wrong but high expectation will tear you down to pieces!
so be moderate at all time and realize who you really are
before putting on higher expectation.

sometimes,people will say that you are gorgeous or may be cute or even beautiful.
but for other people they might think that you are clumsy,slobby or even buruk.
but all of that is the matter of taste.
so,dont feel bad about yourself.because whatever happens life must go on.
right now,i really dont want to look back!keep myself forward.back to where i belong.

thats all.

something to think about.till then..x.o.x.o


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