Sunday, March 06, 2011

anda malas?

Well,hello there.are u feeling sleepy+your body feels like want to lay in bed at all time+your eyes feel like want to close itself every minute..Dont have been attacked by a disease called MALAS!!HAHA.. can come and attend a seminar for this dangerous spreading disease to get the CURE.

so..dont waste your time..come and join it!! i cant go since there will be a movie to be exact HIKAYAT MERONG MAHAWANGSA coming in theater on that day..*ekceli malas!! who wants to come you can come and enjoy this seminar or CLINIC!!! gud luck..*org yg bapak malas cam aku ni pon malas nk pegi apatah lagi org yg mmg betol2 malas..dah malas tu malas jugak!!!hahaha


Anonymous said...

Hikayat merong mahawangsa? ritu dah tgk green hornet kn? apa kata belanja saya tgk cta ni plak..kakak baik kn? hehehe

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