Sunday, July 03, 2011


Dear pillow,sorry for all the tears
Dear tummy,sorry for all the butterflies inside,
Dear heart,sorry for all the damages,
Dear brain,you are always right.

But still,i am following my heart where it leads me too.The thinking will come later.
I think everybody deserved to be loved and to be cared.Nothing more that people will ask except to love them for who they are and to love them unconditionally.

But, is so hard to love another person when your heart have been hurt before.You'll be extra careful this time.Sometimes,it is so unfair to let the "another" person slides easily into your heart.But,looks,it is so unfair for that person too.It is from a book that i read recently.

My friends love stories teach  me so much about love.But still,i dont know how to deal with it in my real life.There's so much that i dont know,so much that i am lacking of.Sometimes,out of nowhere,my insecurities about everything will come out.

Sometimes,i wonder how much important a person can be in another person's life.Finally,i have found the answer.For me, he is important in my life enough that i know i am scared of losing him.That's all.

p/s:Lately,i miss my laughter .

What i want:
I don't want a perfect person,
I just want someone to act silly with,
treats me well,
& loves being with me more than anything.

I want to go somewhere.I think beach will be the perfect place.May be i'll be there after my last class today.
I want to wash away all my worries.
Wind,take away my worries.
Sea,let me breathe out my sadness.
coconut tree,let me drink your water pleaseee..*wink2..Dats all.



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