Sunday, October 16, 2011

she has a beautiful name

you know who you are.

well,hello there! i have a story to tell..
it's about something happened recently.
it's about this girl..
Sometime,talking to someone from his past make me realize something .
we shared almost everything that night.I never knew that i'll be able to talk to her, i mean,gossiping like best friend comfy!
Alhamdulillah , finally i have the courage to add her and i just find out that she is my silent reader.
So,if you read this ..i wrote about you..yes,it's you! don't worry..i won't make any scene out of it.
just wanna be friend with you.. and i won't cause you any trouble.. i'm not that type.

Happy holiday peeps!


Anonymous said...

hi, there. haha. i was just joking about writing an entry about me. but, u did anyway. thanks, tho. i think it kinda sweet. :) -the silent reader-

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